How to Charter an Aircraft

To charter an aircraft, it’s as simple as that, fill out the custom quote form, and our team will get back to you with an offer.

This quote form is not intended to provide assistance with regular flights.

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The difference between a group flight and a charter flight mainly lies in the number of passengers. Above 19 passengers, it is a group flight.
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When to Charter an Aircraft

Sometimes, the routes of scheduled flights are not sufficient to meet various needs.

Chartering an aircraft offers flexibility and customization that are not possible with regular commercial flights. For example, for businesses, it allows planning specific routes tailored to the tight schedules of professionals or transporting special equipment that would not be allowed in the cargo hold on a commercial flight. For transporting patients requiring specialized medical arrangements, or even to travel as a group for a wedding celebration, there can be many reasons.

Chartered Aircraft

Chartered aircraft are adapted to your needs. To obtain the best Quality/Performance/Price ratio, we will need to understand your requirements to charter the right aircraft. This could be an aircraft from the GuyaneFly fleet, one of our partners, or another airline company.

It all depends on your needs.