Important Information to Know

Notre agence et notre service client sont ouverts aux jours et horaires suivants :

Du lundi au vendredi de 7h00 à 16h00.
Le samedi de 7h00 à 12h30. 
Le dimanche est sujet à variation et dépend de l’activité aérienne, prenez directement contact avec l’agence via Whatsapp ou via le formulaire de contact si vous souhaitez vous y rendre ces jours.

Les différents points de vente :

Agence Selectour Ouest Voyages

Saint Laurent du Maroni
Agence Selectour Ouest Voyages

Grand Santi / Papaichton / Maripasoula
MD Store – Eric Fosse
Tél : +59469424431
Email : 7

Référente à l’aérodrome de Saül – Cécile
Tel : +594 694 12 18 48

Référent à l’aérodrome de Camopi -Mr Ludovic Renaud
Tel : +594694030351 email :

Before booking your plane tickets, remember to read carefully the different information indicated on this page.

Rates Resident

GuyaneFly offers two types of fares to meet the needs of our passengers. The resident fare, exclusively reserved for residents of inland communities, provides a discounted travel option. At the same time, our regular fare is available to all travelers.

To benefit from the resident fare, you must have your accreditation number, a valid ID, and your resident card during your journey. These pieces of information establish your effective primary tax residence in Guyana.

If you have these documents, you can simply book your ticket at the resident fare. Otherwise, you must book at the regular fare.

These details are verified at the airport where you board.

For more information about obtaining your resident card and whether you are eligible, please contact your municipal office.

Cancellation and Modification of Flights

All our flights are modifiable and cancelable free of charge 72 hours before the flight departure, any change can be made directly through our booking module. Once this 72-hour deadline has passed, changes will be subject to a fee of €50 per booking, and the request must be made through customer support.

Traveling with minors & infants

Minors under 15 years of age must mandatorily travel accompanied by an adult. If a minor under 15 years of age attempts to board alone, they will be denied entry onto the plane.

Infants under 2 years of age must mandatorily travel on the lap of a person over 15 years old. Reserve the infant in the “Passengers” block of the booking engine, after selecting your travel dates. For safety reasons, our aircraft allows a maximum of 2 infants per flight, which may explain the inability to complete your booking if this quota has already been reached.

A baggage allowance of 5kg is associated with the infant passenger (INF) and can be used for the baby’s personal items.

GuyaneFly does not offer an UM (Unaccompanied Minors) service.

Voyager pour les personnes porteuses de handicap

The structure of our planes allows us to accommodate only one person with a disability on each flight. To best prepare for your welcome and ensure a smooth journey, please contact us directly, at least 48 hours in advance, so that we can organize the support tailored to your specific needs.

Regarding baggage

Avec vos vols vous avez le droit à 5kg de bagages à main et 11kg de bagages en soute. Cette franchise est à destination des adultes et enfants de plus de deux ans.

Si vous êtes amenés à dépasser ce total de 16kg, alors s’applique une tarification spéciale où tout excédent de bagages supplémentaire est facturé au poids.

Ces excédents sont facturés au kg supplémentaire, directement à l’aéroport en obéissant à la grille tarifaire suivante :


Liaison Excédents bagages (par kg)

Cayenne – Maripasoula


Cayenne – Saül

Cayenne – Grand-Santi 2.60€
Cayenne – Camopi 2.60€
St-Laurent-du-Maroni – Grand Santi 2.32€
Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni – Maripasoula 2.32€


En fonction du remplissage de l’avion, le volume de bagage emporté peut être réduit. La charge utile de nos avions varie entre 1150 et 1350kg, incluant passagers et bagages.

Pricing for freight

Shipping cargo is possible with GuyaneFly.
Simply take your goods to the following address:
Airport Cargo Zone
Félix Éboué Airport
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Saturday 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Contact: +33 05 94 35 82 27
Cargo transport is only available from Cayenne.

Domestic Flights Pricing (Prices in €/kg):

Route Essential Cargo Food Cargo Regular Cargo Airway Bill* Oversize
To Maripasoula 1.65€ 1.85€ 1.95€ 10€ Consult GSAF
To Camopi 1.65€ 1.85€ 1.95€ 10€ Consult GSAF
To Saül 1.45€ 1.60€ 1.75€ 10€ Consult GSAF
To Grand-Santi 1.65€ 1.85€ 1.95€ 10€ Consult GSAF

*The Airway Bill corresponds to a service fee to be paid per shipment, regardless of the weight of the goods sent.

All information regarding air cargo transport is available here.

Regarding the transport of animals

Any animal up to 5kg is included in the 5kg cabin baggage allowance, including the container (approved, closed, and secure), and can travel in the cabin with the passenger, with a fee of €50 per journey, bookable on the website from the booking reference (8 characters).

Beyond 5kg, any animal up to 15kg, including the container (approved, closed, and secure), will travel in the cargo hold, with a fee of €50 per journey, bookable on the website from the booking reference (8 characters).

The size of the container must not exceed the limit of 158cm (total Height+Width+Length).

❕ In case of doubts regarding the safety or well-being of the animal, its transport may be refused, and a report may be made to the competent authorities.

Beyond 15kg including the container (approved, closed, and secure), please contact GSAF cargo service:

Airport cargo zone
Félix Éboué Airport
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Saturday 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Contact: +33 05 94 35 82 27